Tech News

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Tech news! Google making changes that could weaken Ad Blocker on Chrome. Google changes could stop extensions from being able to block certain types of privacy invading content like web trackers or tags. Content blocking extensions and apps such as Ghostery, uMatrix or uBlock Origins will stop working. Ghostery is a privacy and security related […]

Team Project

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What personal challenges did you experience in the role you were assigned? Deadlines, poor communication, confusion. What strengths did you experience in the role you were assigned? Ability to strategize, organize scrum board, prioritizing tasks What were the top 3 challenges you experienced with your team? –    communication, deadlines, organization What would you improve upon moving forward? […]


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My mentor possesses a lot of great qualities. She is confident, inspiring, she is committed and passionate about her job, great communicator, empathy and very creative. Five questions I would like to ask: What is the hardest part about your job? How did you get to where you are today? Think back to five years […]

Team Work

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Based on working with Lego project to be a successful project manager one must be well organized, team building skills, and good communication skills. 1.You are allocated a team that does not agree on the best way to achieve certain aspects of the project you oversee.  They debate recommendations, timelines, resources, and each other.  They disagree […]

Creative Designs

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Toyfight is on creative design agency. Their website is an example content. I think this website is simple and informative. Their images and colors are nice. The images show the audience what they are all about and the color it stands out. It has a navigation bar that includes the necessary. Cupcakes and cashmere is […]


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UX (user experience) focus on the purpose of functionality of the service to offer the user an easy and pleasant experience.  UI (user interface) is the interaction with the service or product.IA (Information Architecture) is organization to understandable to help the user find what they are looking for.  After learning UX, UI, ad IA my […]